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Town Center in Virginia Beach comes to and end

Posted by [email protected] on August 26, 2015 at 2:00 AM Comments comments (0)

Hello everyone, BJ Griffin here!

As this summer show season is ending, we say a bittersweet goodbye to our weekly town center gigs.  

Every Tuesday this summer, we have performed in the Town Center area of Virginia Beach from 6pm-9pm.  This was our second summer doing so and I must say, I am so sad for these shows to come to an end.  No matter how tired or how afraid we were of the rain messing up our equipment, we hauled and loaded in every week and put on a show for the people of VB.  It was such a great experience to have people, who were really just passing through, stop and watch us perform.  Sometimes they even stayed for the whole show!

 I must give a special thanks to all the people who came to see us every week!  There were a few people to give a special shout out to.

We had a wonderful group of people from Calvary Baptist Church come out and support on very often this summer.  They sometimes even brought a picninc! 

There was a woman who brought her client that she takes care of to see us every week.  She literally danced the whole show and I was inspired by her moves on more than one occasion!  Although she couln't get on the dance floor because she could not leave her client's side, she got might funky in the sidelines every tuesday.  

There was another gentleman who also came to almost every show!  I felt so bad because he requested some very tasteful music form the older days that we were not able to put together for him!  I believe we spoiled him becaus we would mix some of the old school music with the top 40's pop music we play!  Never-the-less he came every week, early early, as if he was our band manager making sure everyhting was in place!

There was also a couple who became our "biggest tuesday fans".  They sat in the same place all summer and cheered us on just as much as the first time they saw us perform.  There was one show that they were late and something just did not feel right.  It was not until they showed up that I realized they gave me so much energy!  

Of course there were countless others that supported our weekly shows including all of our loved ones and families but I would probably be writting all night!


On behalf of BJ Griffin and the Galaxy Groove, I want to give a huge thanks to everyone who came out to support this local music scene on Tuesdays at town center this year.  We look forward to more shows this fall and into spring.  We hope to be back here next summer, maybe on Tuesday again, we will see!  Also be on the look out for a big New Years Eve annocement!!!!!!!

Continue to Groove.......with the LOVE

BJ Griffin 

BJ Griffin and the Galaxy Groove